Spin'16 Participants
Spin'16 Participants

The 22nd International Spin Symposium Participants.

More pictures of the conference are posted in the Participant List tab.

UI Alma Mater
UI Alma Mater

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois has 32,900 undergraduate students and 11,200 postgraduate students in attendance. 10,300 foreign students from 121 countries are enrolled. UIUC offers more than 150 undergraduate and 100 graduate professional programs of study.

There are 23 noble laureates and 20 Pulitzer prize winners amoung UIUC's alumni and faculty.

Indiana University

Founded in 1820, Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus of IU's eight campuses statewide.

Approximately 32,700 undergraduate and 10,450 graduate students are enrolled in 13 academic units which offer more than 900 individual degree programs.

Blue Waters
Blue Waters

Blue Waters, supported by the NSF, is the highest performance supercomputer on the UIUC campus.

The peak performance is 13 Peta Flop. It has 1.5 Peta Byte of memory, 25 Peta Byte of disk storage and 500 Peta Byte of tape storage.

Blue waters is located across the street from the iHotel Conference Center and tours will be available in the evenings.

UI campus map
UIUC Main Quadrangle - click image for campus map

The UIUC Campus extends over 1842 ha. Click the image of the Main Quadrangle for a campus map.

Spin'16 will take place in the iHotel Conference Center near the south west corner of the campus #1214(G2-3).

Blue Waters is located in the NCSA Petascale Computing Building #1244(F1).

High Bay
University of Illinois Nuclear Physics Laboratory - click image

The UIUC Nuclear Physics Laboratory dates back to Donald Kerst's construction of the first Betatron in 1940 and two generations of Microtrons operated on campus.

Today, NPL staff and faculty also carry out research at external experimental facilities including ATLAS, Belle, COMPASS, DayaBay, EXO, G0, JLab-E906-10, nEDM at ORNL, PHENIX and SeaQuest.

Indiana University Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter

CEEM is a multi-disciplinary laboratory performing research and development in areas of accelerator physics, nuclear physics and chemistry, materials research, and was the site of the IU Cyclotron.

CEEM leads in a wide range of experiments, including: investigations of the flavor and spin structure of the nucleon using the STAR detector at RHIC and Belle and Belle II at KEK.

Lincoln Museum
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum will be the conference dinner site.

The Museum brings the 16th President's story to life through immersive exhibits and displays of original artifacts.