Session Conveners

Please contact the conveners for the different parallel sessions if you want to propose a contributed talk or poster presentation.

Young Scientist Awards
There will be two $1500 awards; one for best oral presentation and one for best poster presentation. Participation is for graduate students or postdoctoral researchers.


Session# Session Name Session Convener
Working Group A Spin physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei Jie Meng (PKU), Yasuhiro Sakemi (Tohoku U), Tomohiro Uesaka (RIKEN),
Working Group B Nucleon helicity structure Gerhard Mallot (CERN) and Emanuele Nocera (Oxford University)
Working Group C 3D structure of the nucleon: TMDs Marco Contalbrigo (INFN Ferra) and
Andreas Metz (Temple)
Working Group D 3D structure of the nucleon: GPDs and Form Factors Nicole d'Hose (Saclay) and
Matthias Burkardt (NMSU)
Working Group E Low Energy Spin Physics with Lepton, Photon and Hadron Probes Ian Cloet (Argonne) and
Annika Thiel (Bonn)
Working Group F Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model David Kawall (UMass) and
Buddhini Waidyawansa (Argonne)
Working Group G Accelerator, Storage and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams Ed Stephenson (Indiana) and
Wolfram Fischer (BNL)
Working Group H Polarized Ion and Lepton Sources and Targets Christopher Keith (JLab) and
Jaakko Koivuniemi (Illinois)
Working Group I Future Facilities and Experiments Charles Hyde (ODU) and
Alexander Kiselev (BNL)
Working Group J Mini Symposium on Nucleon Spin Structure and Lattice QCD Keh-Fei Liu (Kentucky) and
Huey-Wen Lin (UC Berkeley)
Working Group K Application of Nuclear Polarization Techniques to Other Fields Tomohiro Uesaka(RIKEN), Caroline Riedl (Illinois)